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Add a text link (written instructions)

Ensure that you are logged into your website. The black admin toolbar should be visible at the top of the screen.

The Home page of a website, with the admin toolbar visible at the top of the screen.

Go to the page to which you would like to add a text link. Select Edit Page from the admin toolbar.

The admin toolbar, with Edit Page selected.

In the main text box, type your link text. This is the text that your patients will see on the page. Note: your link text should be meaningful, which means that it should explain where the link is going, in full. A 'Click here' link is not helpful to someone using a screenreader.

The blank text editor

Highlight the full sentence that you are going to use as your link text.

The link text (Follow this link to see the NHS page on the common cold) highlighted.

From the editor toolbar at the top of the main text box, select the Link button. 

Paste in the link to the page you would like to link to in the Add Link box that appears under your link text.

The Add Link box that appears after clicking the Link button

Once you have pasted the link into the box, click the blue Enter arrow to save the link.

The Enter arrow next to the Add Link box.

Once you have added the link, you must click the blue Update button in the Publish box, otherwise the link will not save to the page.

The Update button in the Update box.

The link will now appear on your page...

The page, with the new link selected.

...and will link to the website you have chosen.

The NHS page on the common cold.

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