Add a new Parent page to the Main Menu

Modified on Fri, 06 Jan 2023 at 11:23 AM

Add a new Parent page to the Main Menu (written instructions)

Ensure that you are logged into your website. The black admin toolbar should be visible at the top of the screen.

The Home page of a website, with the admin toolbar visible at the top of the screen.

Hover your mouse over + New on the admin toolbar. Select Page from the drop-down menu.

The + New drop-down menu on the admin toolbar, with Page selected.

Add the title of your new parent page NOTE: the main menu can only display a few characters on one line before your menu item will be split across two lines, which can make it difficult to read. Choose a short title to avoid this issue.

A short title in the title box (COVID-19)

Add a short description of what will be on the page in the main text box. Note: remember that this page is acting as a Parent, and will not be where the main source of information is written. Just describe what will be available to read on the Child pages.

A succinct description of what will be on the page (See below for information about our COVID-19 policy and procedures)

Check the Page Attributes box. It should have (no parent) set on the Parent drop-down menu.

The Page Attributes box, with (no parent) set on the Parent menu.

Click the Publish button to save the page.

`The Publish button in the Publish box.

Now, hover your mouse over Appearance in the left-hand sidebar, and click Menus.

The left-hand sidebar, showing the Appearance menu with Menus selected.

In the Menus editor, choose the Main Menu (Primary Menu) from the Select a menu to edit drop-down. The menu that appears at the top of your website will always have (Primary Menu) in brackets next to its name, but may not be called Main Menu. If you have any questions about this, contact us at for help.

The Menus editor, with the Select a menu to edit drop-down menu highlighted.

Click the Select button to choose this menu to edit.

The Select button next to the Choose a menu to edit menu.

Under the Add menu items heading, use the checkbox to choose the new page you would like to add to the menu.

The Add menu items section, with the COVID-19 page checkbox marked.

Click the grey Add to Menu button. You must do this for the item to be added to your main menu.

The Add to Menu button in the Add to Menu section.

You can drag and drop the menu items around to set the order in which you would like them to appear.

The menu items, with COVID-19 at the bottom of the list.

Once you are happy with the order of your menu items, click the blue Save Menu box. You must do this for your changes to be made.

The Save Menu box at the bottom of the Menus editor.

Your new Parent page will now display on the Main Menu everywhere on your site. Please note that you may have to wait a few minutes for the changes to display on the site. You can now add Child pages to this Parent page in the same way as you would before.

The Main Menu, with the new Parent page added (COVID-19)

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