Edit your branch details

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Edit your Branch details (written instructions)

This tutorial will show you how to update the email address, phone number, opening hours and image on a Branch.Ensure that you are logged into your website. The black admin toolbar should be visible at the top of the screen.

The Home page of a GPsurgery.net website, with the admin toolbar visible at the top of the screen.

In the admin toolbar, click the name of your website. This will take you to the Dashboard.

The admin toolbar, with the website name selected

In the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, click Branches.

The left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, with Branches selected

On the Branches page, you will see a list of the Branches on your website. Hover your mouse over the name of the Branch that you would like to edit, and click the Edit link that appears.

The Branches page, with the Edit link highlighted on one Branch

In the Branch editor, you will be able to add details about your practice into the main text box. This information will displayed when your patients click the Practice details... link on the Branch widget on your Home page.

The Branch editor, with text entered into the main text box.

Further down the page are the Branch Details. In the Address box, you can edit the address by adding each line of the address, then adding <br>. This is very important, as your address will not display correctly if you do not do this. Note: this is the only place on the whole website that you need to use code. If you are stuck, don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@gpsurgery.net for a helping hand.

The Address box

You can also edit the phone number in the Phone number box. Note: please make sure that you only add a number here, no comments, otherwise the number will display incorrectly.

The Phone number box, with a number entered.

Further down are the Fax number and Email address fields, which you can use as necessary.

The Fax number field and Email address field.

The Google maps link should be left alone unless your practice has physically changed location. If this is the case, you can drop us an email at support@gpsurgery.net

The Google maps box, with a link.

Further down the page, you will come to seven separate hours boxes for the seven days of the week. These should be edited individually, and your hours written in full into each box. Note: you do have the option to fill in the Description box for each day's hours, but if you do this please be aware that it will display in full in the Branch widget, which may make it difficult to read.

The Monday hours box, with the Hour block box filled in.

Another option you have is to add an image of the branch. You can do this by clicking the Set featured image link in the Featured image box on the right-hand side of the page.

The Set featured image link in the Featured image box.

Choose an image from the media library, or drag and drop an image onto the page to upload it. Note: ensure that the photo you choose is high quality, and ideally taken on a bright day. This will make it look good on the website, but more importantly will make it recognisable to your patients.

The Set featured image page, with a photo chosen.

Set meaningful alternative text in the Alt Text box.

The Alt text box, with 'GPS Medical Centre main building' typed.

Once you are happy with the image you have chosen and your alternative text, click the blue Set featured image button to add the image to your Branch.

The Set featured image button on the Featured image editor

Once you have completed all your changes, click the blue Update button to save your changes. You must do this, otherwise your changes will be lost.

The Update button in the Publish box.

The updated Branch will now appear on the Home page, and anywhere else you have a Branch widget on your website.

The updated Branch in the Branch widget on the Home page.

To see the details you added in the main text box, click the Surgery details... link in the widget.

The Surgery details link in the Branch widget.

Your further information will display on a dedicated page for the Branch.

A dedicated page for the GPS Medical Centre branch.

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