Add a new Branch widget to the Home page

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Add a new Branch widget to the Home page (written instructions)

This tutorial will show you how to add a new branch widget to the Home page of a website. Ensure that you are logged into your website. The black admin toolbar should be visible at the top of the screen.

The Home page of a website, with the admin toolbar visible at the top of the screen.

Select the name of the website from the admin toolbar to go to the dashboard.

The admin toolbar with the website name selected.

Hover your mouse over Branches in the left-hand sidebar. Select Add New from the drop-down menu that appears.

The Branches drop-down, with Add New selected.

You will now be on the Add New Branch page. In the title box, type the name of your new branch.

The title box of the Add New Branch page

In the Address box, add the address of your new branch. You will need to add <br> after each line of the address (except the last) for the address to appear correctly. NOTE: you do not need to add the name of the branch here, as it is already in the Title box.

The address box, with an address added.

In the Phone number box, add the phone number of the branch. 

The Phone number box, with a phone number added.

In the Email address box, add the email address of the branch.

The Email address box, with an email address added.

In the Google maps link box, paste the link for the branch on Google maps. Follow this link for a tutorial on how to fetch the Google maps link.

The Google maps link box, with a link added.

In the Monday hours block, add the opening hours of the branch in the Hour block box. Do this again for each of the days of the week.

The Monday hours block, with the branch opening hours added.

If your practice is closed on a day of the week, add CLOSED in the Hour block box for that day.

The Hour block box for Saturday, with CLOSED typed.

You can also add a photo of the branch to make it easier for your patients to recognise the building. To do this, select the Set featured image link in the Featured image box.

The Set featured image link on the right-hand side of the page.

Select an image from your Media library, or drag and drop a new image into the Media library. In the Alt Text box, describe what the image shows.  NOTE: for this example, the alternative text is GPSMC second branch.

The Alt text box on the Featured image screen.

Once you are happy with your alternative text, select the blue Set featured image button.

The Set featured image button

Now that you have added all the branch details, select Publish to make the Branch available to add to your Home page.

The Publish button in the Publish box.

Once your new Branch is published, hover your mouse over Appearance in the left-hand sidebar. Select Widgets from the drop-down menu that appears.

The Appearance drop-down, with Widgets selected.

From the list of available widgets in the left-hand sidebar, select Branch Widget and drag and drop this into one of the Widget areas on the right-hand side of the page. NOTE: for this example, we are using the Main Widget box, but other good options would be the Main Widget Right and Below Main Full Width boxes.

A new Branch Widget dropping into the Main Widget box.

In the new Branch Widget, select the name of the new branch from the Widget Type drop-down menu. 

The Branch Widget, with GPSMC second branch selected from the Widget Type drop-down.

Click the Save button to save your changes to the Widget.

The Save button on the Branch widget.

Your new branch will now appear on the Home page of your website. You may need to move the different widgets around to make the Home page as easy-to-use as possible. Be cautious when you do this to ensure that you don't accidentally drop a widget into the wrong block, or outside of the blocks, as this can make it disappear from the Home page. Widgets can be confusing! If you're stuck, drop us an email at for a helping hand.

The Home page, with a new Branch widget added.

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