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This article will explain the different widget areas on your website, which are mainly on the Home page. Widgets are blocks of content that can be moved around on your site.

You can check which widgets are where in the Widgets section of the dashboard. On the right-hand side of this page are two columns of boxes which are tied to the different widget areas. Below are the two columns and an explanation of where each Widget area is on the website.The Widget areas in the Widgets section of the Dashboard.

Right Sidebar

This Widget area does not appear on the Home page, but it is visible on almost every other page of the website. Widgets can be shown or hidden here using Visibility settings. The Right Sidebar is useful for links to online services, for example to book an appointment at the surgery.

The Right Sidebar Widget area on the Appointments page, with the Request an appointment online widget present.

Footer Full

The Footer Full area is visible at the bottom of every page. It's a good place for links to your ICB/PCN, or your CQC inspection rating. The Footer Full Widget area

Menu - Telephone Area

The Telephone Area should really only be used for your telephone number. This is set up when your website is built and will update when you update the telephone number on your branch.

The website header, with the Menu - Telephone Area highlighted.

Home - Below Menu Full Width and Home - Above Main Full Width

These widget areas are two full-width areas one on top of the other at the top of the Home page. One of these should be used for Patient Services widget, and the other can either be left empty or could be used for a banner for online services, for example.

The Below Menu Full Width and Above Main Full Width areas highlighted in red and yellow respectively.

Home - Main - Widget Right

On the Home page, this widget area is often used for the Branch or Latest News widget.

The Home - Main - Widget Right area, with a branch widget.

Home - Main Widget

The Home - Main Widget area is below the welcome box on the Home page. It's often used for a banner for online services or the Latest News widget.

The Home - Main Widget area with a banner for the NHS app.

Home - Below Main Full Width

The Home - Below Main Full Width area comes below the Main Widget and Main - Widget Right widgets. It's often used for Latest News, social media feeds and out of hours information.

The Home - Below Main Full Width widget area with the Latest News, Twitter and Out of hours widgets

Header - Under Practice Name

This widget area is very rarely used, and appears under the name of the website in the Header. It can be seen on every page of the website.

The Header, with the Header - Under Practice Name widget area highlighted.

Home - Grid Row Widgets

These widget areas make up a grid of sixteen individual blocks on the Home page. They are generally used for Patient Services widgets and it is rare that all sixteen are used. 

The Grid Row widget areas, with 12 in use

Home - Below Grid Full Width

This widget area is generally used for the NHS health widgets. It is right at the bottom of the Home page, so should not be used for high-priority information.

The Below Grid Full Width widget area with the NHS Health A to Z, Live Well and Find services near you widgets

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